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Add an alternate light source to your space with Crystal Lamp With White Sha . This darling lamp features a crystal-like base with geometric tails, a coordinating finial, and a cinched sha that is bright white in color. Station it near your bed or sofa and add a light bulb for comfortable reading,..
$73.82 $73.82
Transform your space in a matter of a few s with a fun lamp like Distressed Stacked Lamp With White Shade. This charming lamp features a distressed brown and beige base with stacked square and disc shapes and a cinched woven white shade. Arrange it on a table top or counter to infuse your space wit..
$50.95 $50.95
Illuminate your space with a beautiful lamp that reflects your personality! Distressed Wood Grain Trellis Lamp features a resin base that's been carved to appear like a tree stump with wea red, gray paint and a tribal trellis pattern. Its fabric lampshade has a natural, gray linen appearance. Simply..
$55.82 $55.82
Keep light going without burning out, all while maintaining your decor me, with Fire Hose Lamp. lamp base is constructed of sturdy resin and shaped like a fire hose nozzle in brass and dark red colors. included lamp shade features a natural linen surface complete with a firefighter symbol. Li..
$78.35 $78.35
Fill your home not only with light but nature elements using Floral Vines Lamp! This lamp has a cylindrical, ceramic base with bright and simple paintings of vines, flowers, and petals; bulb is covered with a white fabric shade. Add in a light bulb and rest it on a side table for a hint of floral ..
$55.82 $55.82
Call attention to a charming and quaint home me with soft lighting from Gray Wash Lamp With Woven Shade. Featuring a resin base with a brushed gray finish, this beautiful lamp offers a black woven lamp shade and two pull cords. Add two compatible bulbs and place it on a side table or nightstand for..
$61.79 $61.79
Add urban or steampunk character to your space with Industrial Metal Pipe Edison Lamp. This fun lamp is constructed of metal pipes and connectors and features a long neck with a jecting light and a bright red faucet valve at the base of the neck.The lamp parts are painted in black with hints of gol..
$62.46 $62.46
Call attention to a charming and quaint home theme with soft lighting from this Lamp With cken Wire Shade. Featuring a squared resin base with a brushed dark brown finish, this beautiful lamp offers a hanging cken wire shade that opens wide from the bottom which surrounds a long edison bulb for an..
$79.99 $79.99
Life's better on the beach! Fill your space with coastal delights such as Lifeguard Chair Lamp. This adorable lamp features a white painted, MDF lifeguard with a painted buoy tied to the chair with twine. Above the chair is a blue and white striped shade. Give your home a touch of seaside light wh..
$75.69 $75.69
Shed light on your space with retro accents like Mustard Brown Lamp. This classic ceramic lamp has a vintage mustard brown coloration on a tapered base with stripes and speck designs embossed on surface, a black switch, and a white fabric shade. Add a light bulb and rest it on a side table for a s..
$64.88 $64.88
Let this little light of yours shine and guide you to extend your work well into the night! Metallic Gold Adjustable Task Lamp is made from metal and features a stainless gold finish. Plug it into the wall and set it on your desk for a reliable source of light for your jects! Details:Base Diameter:..
$69.95 $69.95
Allow an infusion of light and color to take over your favorite space with Navy Anchor Lamp. Constructed of a resin anchor in navy blue color with a mat ng finial, this charming lamp offers a natural woven shade that will complement your chosen theme. Station it on a side table or counter for an ill..
$78.35 $78.35
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